the use of natural materials, organic shapes and textures is typical for our projects, they inspire us during the design work

The brand

The Intuitive Spaces is driven by a passion for creating a unique design experience and an individualized approach to both INTERIOR DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE. Our focus is on designing spaces that intuitively align with the lifestyles of the people who use them, by incorporating natural materials, organic shapes and textures that mimic the environment.

Color, pattern, geometry, and lighting are key elements that help to establish a specific mood and ambiance. Soft, harmonious color compositions are used to create calmness, while exciting patterns and geometrical details are used to add character. Proper lighting emphasizes specific areas and ensures a sense of depth and dimension.

We firmly believe that functionality is an integral part of our work, and we take this into consideration when creating tailored layouts and custom functional furniture.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, and aim to design spaces that not only look aesthetically appealing, but also promote the well-being and comfort of their users, with a personalized point of view.

Our brand, based in Budapest and founded by Andrea Kriskó in 2017, started as a one-person enterprise and has grown into a complex studio with a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds. Today, The Intuitive Spaces provides multi-faceted aesthetics for contemporary interior design projects in the RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, and HOSPITALITY sectors. Additionally, we offer services for small-scale creative ARCHITECTURAL projects.

Our studio has been working on an international scale.


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The use of premium materials, products, and objects ensure that our projects are completed to a high standard. We have established connections with distributors who share our values and provide us with valuable items. Some of these distributors are listed above for your reference.

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