the home office detail of the apartment in gray and natural tones


A true urban oasis is hidden just a few steps away from the noise of the city center, where pastel colors, rich patterns, and textures show how maximalism can be harmoniously combined with minimalism.

Text: Lilla Gollob I Photo: Bálint Jaksa I Designer: Andrea Kriskó, The Intuitive Spaces

Andrea Kriskó graduated as an architect, then worked in Budapest and Bari before starting her company in interior design. Her own downtown apartment can also be interpreted as a professional statement. On the one hand, it shows that with careful planning, spacious living space can be created even in a small area, where diverse functions can coexist without compromise - such as a wellness section with a sauna, a home office station, a comfortable living room and bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen, reading corner, and even a guest bed. On the other hand, the interior is a kind of style manifesto: it illustrates well that there can be a middle ground that is bold and personal, yet not excessive, and is acceptable to a more conservative observer. It also demonstrates that the appearance of diverse colors next to each other does not necessarily have to be intense. The sensitively composed shades of pink, blue, brown, and orange appear harmoniously next to each other. Just as the mixture of different patterns and textures creates a soothing overall picture.

kitchen furniture detail with worktop
living room area with straight sofa, onyx coffee table, indoor plants

The space visually draws the gaze inward: the grays that dominate the entrance and the kitchen gradually blend with other colors - all of this unfolds in full splendor in the bedroom, where the headboard of the bed becomes a contemporary, pastel composition running up the wall. The bedroom can be completely separated from the living room and kitchen with a movable, textured, silver-gold element, which can be varied in several ways while framing the interior with a pleasant shimmer. The same shimmer is then reflected in the bronze, statue-like bedside tables, pearl-colored curtains, and rustic-edged onyx coffee table. The playful division of space is also evident in the stepped ceiling of the kitchen and living room boundary. The end result is not exclusively related to any particular style trend: Mediterranean, Asian, Moroccan, and Scandinavian elements also appear, complemented by many plants and a few well-chosen design furniture - making the apartment a uniquely styled personal space.

bathroom detail bedroom detail wardrobe detail


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