custom-made upholstered seating furniture in the guest area


Truly exciting restaurants affect all senses: they transport us to another world not only through flavors and aromas but also with the help of their interior designs.

Text: Gollob Lilla I Photo: Jaksa Bálint I Designer: Andrea Kriskó, The Intuitive Spaces

A La Gringa restaurant, designed by Andrea Kriskó (The Intuitive Spaces), invites you on a light-hearted journey to Brazil just minutes away from the vibrant center of Budapest, in the quieter Vitkovics Mihály Street. However, this journey is not based on clichéd cultural stereotypes but on the joy of communal dining and drinking.

The show kitchen, foldable tables, and low counters create a perfect atmosphere for both brunch and evening gatherings.

detail of the table in the guest room
central concrete  bar counter surface with custom design bar stools

The distinctive terracotta walls at the front of the restaurant are complemented by hanging climbing plants, large mirrors, lime-colored furniture, and concrete-effect elements. The lower dining area provides an intimate refuge, where textile drapes cascading from the ceiling create a cozy shading effect in the space reminiscent of a cellar. The unique, organic-shaped sofa can be used for two separate groups or for a large communal meal. Noteworthy interior design solution is the three-dimensional brick wall appearing both upstairs and downstairs, which cleverly reinterprets the traditional building element with a creative twist.

detail of the staircase next to the brick wall guest area with a unique ceiling textile installation
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