intense terracotta wall painting with huge mirror surfaces






⁄⁄ AREA: 95 M2


bar counter of a Budapest restauran individually designed textile ceiling installation with hidden LED lighting to illuminate the interior space

In 2022, a lovely Brazilian restaurant opened its doors in the downtown of Budapest, offering typical food specialties from the Latin American country. The unique and enjoyable task of creating a two-floor restaurant with an intense, lively, unforgettable, and natural interior design style was evident throughout the full process.

The overall space has its charm, thanks to the signature color tone that has become synonymous with the brand.

individually designed and manufactured cushioned, curved benches for larger group of guests
brick cladding highlights the wall surface
detail of the concrete surfaced bar next to the entrance
restaurant’s entrance
guest area’s curved mirror surface and unique design brick wall

To create an intense and memorable atmosphere, the first step was setting an intense color tone, which was then softened with light concrete structured resin flooring, setting the main style and character of the space.

To further enhance the design, unique 3D wall details were created by cutting brick pieces into triangular forms, highlighting specific areas on both the ground floor and underground levels.

bathroom’s suspended lighting

A unique ceiling design twist was created downstairs, providing a surprising experience to first-time visitors. The original slab structure had visible concrete beams that were intended to be hidden, but due to the existing ceiling height, lowering the surface was not feasible.

To overcome this, a custom-designed ceiling plane was implemented, complete with lights from above, creating a sunny and natural feel.

street view, restaurant’s entrance and glass portal
guest room table detail
A la Gringa Foodbar

Despite the small size of the interior space, the layout was thoughtfully organized to ensure enough space for all required functions. Upstairs, a visually open kitchen is located behind a transparent glass door, while downstairs, all other necessary areas are placed.

Great care was taken in the design of the space, including unique-shaped custom sofas and benches, providing comfort for A La Gringa’s fans and contributing to the memorable design.