sliding partition wall between living room and bedroom






⁄⁄ AREA: 54 M2


design of the living room as a spacious, open space, with bright, mutually harmonizing colors interior design of living room, kitchen, dining room in which pastel gray shades dominate

The sunny private apartment belonging to Andrea Kriskó is located in the heart of Budapest, and embodies her appreciation for a unique style and careful color compositions. The use of light wood and pastel gray-toned materials combined with blue, peach, and rose colors and soft patterns gives the space a fine and slightly exotic allure.

Situated on the top floor of a classical building, the studio apartment is awash in sunlight, setting the mood for comfortable daily living.

kitchen and dining room details
composition of pastel colors and patterned surfaces in the living room and bedroom area
presentation of the entire living area of the apartment
kitchen worktop surface detail
bedroom design with natural coconut wallpaper covering and a harmonizing patterned bed linen

The interior materials used in this apartment were selected to complement the surrounding environment. Light blue-brown coconut wallpaper covers the bedroom wall, highlighting the main wall and mixed with light rose alcantara bed fabric, which pairs well with the natural-toned parquet flooring. To maintain a soft and restrained style, a designer sofa with gray upholstery was placed to match the dining area’s color set.

One of the centerpieces of the living room area is the representative custom-cut onyx table with its solid orange and natural pattern, which captures attention with light blue zebra patterned cushions close to it…

bedroom detail

The apartment’s design incorporates a mini wellness area to ensure personal comfort and well-being, featuring an infra sauna, designer bathtub, and shower with a long basin counter, all designed to be effective and well-utilized.

Additionally, a separate restroom is closed off from this area, as well as extra storage for personal items.

interior design of bathroom, shower and infrared sauna
bathroom bathtub and sink counter design
Downtown studio

The decorative items placed throughout the apartment, such as the large dried palm leaves standing by the bathroom wall and the shiny vases and exotic designer pots, give the living environment a special feel.

The apartment serves as a great example that creating an appropriate and well-designed style does not depend on the size of the space, but can be achieved in any area that requires uniqueness.